Hunt for Hitler's Warship

  • Hunt for Hitler's Warship

By Patrick Bishop

Winston Churchill called it "the Beast." It was said to be unsinkable. More than thirty military operations failed to destroy it. Eliminating the Tirpitz, Hitler's mightiest warship, a 52,000-ton behemoth, became an Allied obsession.

In The Hunt for Hitler's Warship, Patrick Bishop tells the epic story of the men who would not rest until the Tirpitz lay at the bottom of the sea. In November of 1944, with the threat to Russian supply lines increasing and Allied forces needing reinforcements in the Pacific, a raid as audacious as any Royal Air Force operation of the war was launched, under the command of one of Britain's greatest but least-known war heroes, Wing Commander Willie Tait.

Patrick Bishop draws on decades of experience as a foreign war correspondent to paint a vivid picture of this historic clash of the Royal Air Force's Davids versus Hitler's Goliath of naval engineering. Readers will not be able to put down this account of one of World War II's most dramatic showdowns.

About the Author

Patrick Bishop was born in London and went to Wimbledon College and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Before joining the "Telegraph" he worked on the "Evening Standard," the "Observer" and the "Sunday Times" and in television as a reporter on Channel Four News. He is the author with John Witherow of "Battle for the Falklands" based on their own experiences and with Eamon Mallie of "The Provisional IRA" which was praised as the first authoritative account of the modern IRA. He also wrote a memoir of the first Gulf War, "Famous Victory" and a history of the Irish diaspora "The Irish Empire," based on the TV series which he devised.

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Hunt for Hitler's Warship

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